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11, 4$ OfPeristry,and what ít t' . appeareth that two things doe alwaies concurre inpenury; firfi the generali matter thereof,which is an vntruth : and fc- condly,the formewhich giueth being unto it,narnely,a falle oth, made with purpofed and affec`Ieddeceit,or refoluedon afterwards . Now,vntruth is either logical! or rorall.Logi- call , when as wee doenot Cpcakeas the thing is,or when as our fpecch agreeth not with the thing. Moral' untruth is, when as we doe not Cpeake as we thinke , or when as our fpeech agreeth not withour miede . Ofthe former wedoe not heure Cpcake; neither doth it make penury, but onely when it is ioyned with the Cecond ; whereas the morali vn- truth confirmedwith anoth is perjury, although it be a lo- gical' truth.More plainly, ifI fweare an vntruth,beingper- fwaded that it is true , it maybe myodi may iulll v deferue the cenfureof raihnelfe or prophaneneffe; but yet I amnot periured , becaufe my fpeech agreeth with my minder thoughnot with the thing : neither doe I fwcare falfely , al- though that which I fweare be falle, in that I do not fweare with a minde to deceiue,but beingmy (elk deceiued:wher- as contrariwife ill fivear anvntruth,knowing it to bc fo,yea ifICwcaras the truth is, being perfwaded in the naeane time, Zeal" tinguam that it is falleand vntrue, I fall into the finneofperiury,be- faút mensrea. caufe my fpeech and oth agree not with my aninde andper- Marv. fwafion, though it agreeth with the thing; and the end off my oth is not toconfirme the truth,hut to deceìue thofevn- towhom I fwcarc. And thiskinde of perjury whereby a man deceitfully fweareth.that which hethinketh falle tobe true, is anhainous finne in Gods fight, though afterwards it fall out to be indeed the truth s and as well excludeth himout of Gods kingdome, as when a man fweareth that which hee knoweth certainly is falle,tobe true,as appeareth Pfal.24,4, Pfal.s4.4. For if it be a grieuous fin andan Guident figne of an impious man , to Cpeake deceitfully and with a doubleheart vnto his I'faLi$ r.s neighbour ;thenhowmuch more abominable is it,when as this deceit is graced andcountcnancedwithan oth Yea, but Cceing our fpecch is often ambiguous, admit- tingofa double fgmfication, whereofit comnieth topaffe thatI fwearing inone fenfealp vndcrflood in another; how is §.Sei, 2. How oNrotb is to be vnder- flead,heing aanóigaotss.