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OfPeriury,4ndwhat it ia. 47 abufing of his glorious name; the Lord bath Paid that her will not hold them guiltleile, but they (hall for euer beare their (*careful( condemnation. What folly therefore is it,yea that more then frantickemadnclre, for a man to hazard his body and foule,which areofmoreworthvntohim,then ten thoufandworlds,to the fuffering ofall thefe fearfull punilh.. ments,both in this life and in the life to come, ..for avain and vnprofitablc finne, which bringeth good to neither foule norbody,as before I haue (hewed?. The lafl and mot( effeduall meanes whichwe can vfe to §.SeE.q. preferuevsfrom falling into this fin,is feruent and effeduall The la/I means praier, whereinwe are with the Prophet Dauidin(lantly to saÎeruent delire theLord, that teeingour negligenceand carelefneiTepraier' is exceeding great l it 'would pleafe him to keepea ffraight Pfal.14r.3 watchouer vs , and fo to rule andouerrule vs with the good motions and effeduall operation ofhis holy Spirit,that wee maymake precious account ofhis holyname,aud carefully auoid the prophanation thereof by vaine fwearing. And fo our fuit rending to theaduancement ofGods glory,& to the furtheringofour ownefpirirual good, we thai be lure toob- Ioh.t6,a3 nineour delìre, ìfwe aske in faith,and (hew our earne(lnctre 1:I °h.3.24 to obtaine that wepray for, byour contlant and confciona- Lake 114; ble vfeofthofe weanes,ofwhich I haue already fpoken. CHAP. VIII. OfthefsnneofPeriury. . lid thusmuch concerning theabufeof an-oth §.sia.t; `''"~ by vainefwearir . Nowwee are ro fpeakeof t .. g P what periury , theaoue thereofby falle fwearing,cotnnronly u, called periury where firíl I will (hew what periury is , that we mayknow it 3 and then the greatneife andhaiuoufnc(fcofthistinnc, that we may auoid it.For the f, r(f; Periury is net elrebutfalfe fwearing. Or morefully , It is a knewneor imagined vntruth. confirmed by oth,io_ynedwith deceit,wh:chwas eitherpurpojedand intended: before theothWas made,or refliedonafterwards. Wherby It appcarcth