Downame - BV4500 D67 1613 Legih. §. Sofia}. The emits which accent. pana eguiva- catnons. poc.9.3 IrIeb,6,.16 Pfal c í`.a so Ofequliteeations andmentßltrefersiationr, make to hide their impiety , yet this their clo&rine andpra. & re is nicked and abominable , and their other no better then perjury , and that in the naof} impious kinde,in Gods fight; fccingvnto their petiury, is ioyneddiuellith deceit, which euen in the judgement andpradife of theHeathens was condemned and abhorred ; for their vfuall forme of fwearing was,Exanimimeifententiainro,I (ovateaccording to the truc meaningofmy heart; and theydeteflcd as impi- ousand atheiflical that fpeech,iurani1ingia,menteminisara- tamgcro ; I haue fwornewith my tongue, hut not with my tniv d,Andyet the admired lefuires,whocould find noname fit to expretfe theholinetfe of their order, but the facred name ofÌefus,being in this, as in manyother things, much morewicked then theHeathens ,commonly v(à, and fliflie defend this perjurious pra6uifeoffade&deceitful (wearing. But let all who profeffe thenameof Chri(f , anddelire to approoue their profe(fion by their pradife, hate and abhor thisgrotfe impiety, & hellifhmon(}cr,compoundedofper. iurie, deceit , and treachery, which, together withchore fiI- thie locu(ls,the ericas, and Iefuits,hath afcendedoutofthe bottom(ctfe pit,. toannoy and hurtthe inhabitants ofthe earth . And to thisend let them know ; 6r(l,that Chefeequi- uocations, &mentaLreferuations,being admitted inothcs, do: ouerthrowall truth , when as cuery man may cornea meaningofhsothvntohimfe}fe, according to the (lampe of his profit or conueniency, andnot according to the (im= pl;Etruth. Secondly, they fru(}rateand rakeaway the endof oth, which(as theApoflle faith) is tobefor confirmation, the end of ftrife;.for who would re(l fati find m anothers oth , ifhe knew that it were to beecon(irued according to hisfeu(meaning, of whichhe is alwaies ignorant,and oft timeshath íuflcaufetofurtnifehis faffe meaning,andtohaue him in icaloufie and fufpitionofdeceit and doubledealing? Laf}ly, they (hew themfelues tobeno heires ofGods King- dòme,nor tohaueany titleor interea in the ioyesofheaué; for íftheyonely (hall dwell in Gods holy mounraine, who fpeake the trothfromtheir heart, thenwhat (hall become of them whonot oncly fpeake deceitfully and with a doubla heart