Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

do yvhexher mitt txterteel are to beobtented. thegiuing of money vnto a thecfe , and keeping fccrecie, doth make vs acceiratics to his theft , in that wee helpe to maintains him inhis ill comfes, and thereby hurt theCoal, mon-wealthbynot difeoueringfuch a pernicious member, that he may be cutotf; and altohazard other of our neigh- bours to fall into the like danger? and therefore theperil' of our liues Ihouldnot makevs take fuch an vnlawÊul oth ; or if through infirmity wee haue taken it, we arenor to per- forme it, becaufe it doth not bide the confcience . To the. former I anfwcre,. that ho«foeuerwedoenot withabfolute content of will , take filch anoth,yetwee cannot bePaid to hauefworne vnwillingly, oragaiufa our wils ; fceing we will it, though not abfolutelyand fßrnply , yet accidenrally,and conditionally,for the fafegardofour hues,. and for the auoi- ding ofagreater cull'... Euen as the Merchant dothwillingly cafehis goods into the fea in the florin tempefl,not limply, but conditionally ,to preferuc the (hip from awrackc,and hirofc frfrom drowning. To theotherI anfwere,that by &- sing his goody to a theefe he doth not maintain e him inhis theft, nay tather beeing now furni(hed with Come money to relic= his prefent nece(fty, he may the betterlcaue his flea- ltng,and betake himfelfe toHue by his honefl labour. Orif the theefc behereby itacouraged to continue inhis theft, yet he that giucth him the money is not acceffary to his fault, becaufehe Both not loyne confent ofwill,nor approoue his thecuitli courfes , neither yet doth intend any fuch thing in his gifc,hutoncly the And therefore this continuance in theeuing commeth to patTe, not limply through thegift ofthe true man, but accidentally by reafon ofthc theeuescorruption and m.alicioufnefl'e, who abufeth it vnto fin. And whereas it isfurther obie9ed,that by fwea . ringfecrecywe fin , becaufewe hereby indatnage the Com- monwealth,ynd indanger our neighbours; to this I anfwer, that this cornmeth to paffenot fimply,through our fecrecy, . for he might f trceafe his robbing being concealed, and be- come a profit, bie member ofthe Commonwealth ; but ifat all it happen,it is accídenraliyButte betide our (cope and in- termini a, through his ovine corruption an&malicioufneire Irk Oro