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Whether other extorted are to be obferued. 59 thatbefore we Cweare, we fhould be tiffured,not onely ofour will,but Oroofour powertoperforme our prornife. The o- ther is much more exculable, becaufe Cuch othes feeme re- uerfedby God himfclfe , who bath taken away from vs all nieanes ofperformance. Howbeir,ifin filch cafes we would bewholly acquit from all imputationof fault, weare not to fweare abfolutely,that we will performeour promife, feeing weehaue no abfoluteandvnlimitcd power, but to ioyn thefc conditions,lfGodwil,if it plcafc the Lord , if hee will Puffer or ioable me,and fuch like. For ifthcfe conditions arc to bee expref edor vnderf}ood in our ordinary promires,as the A- politeteacheth vs; then much more infuch promifes, as are JAM 4 73 of greate(l importance, being confirmed with a religious oth. And thus haue I (hewed that vnlawfull and impollible §.Se ,9 otiles bindenot the confcience . Now in the third place it whetbirother may be demanded, whether we are inconfciencebound to made ro our performe fuchothes,the performance whereof is accompa_ great lo r and nicd with great loife and hindrance. The whichqucßion hindrance rare fhall not need any large anfwere,feeing the holyGhoi+ him- med. felfe maketh it a markeofthe childofGod , and inheritour ofheauen , whenas he performeth his oth vnto his neigh- bour and changeth not , for any Joffe or hindrance, which doth accompany it. Though thereforewe fuf+aine neuer Co 1'í21.15a much worldly loffieand damage thereby , yet we are to per- forme our other, feeingby our penury the glory of God would be impeached, theaduancementwhereof weareto preferre beforeall the world. Fourthly, it is demanded whether otbesextorted from vs § by forceand violence doebinde the confcience . As for ex- whether ex- ample,iffalling into the handsof thecues, webe compelled torredorher vpon theperil! ofour lines to fwearc vnto them,that we will arerobe obi bring them fuch afummeofmoney,andvfeîecrecy,notdi ferried. couering them vnto any,byany meanes.Ianfwcre,thatfuch an oth containing nothing in it which is abfolutely cull! dothbinde the confcience; and therfore intobeperformed. Yea but thisoth may fceme to be vnlawfull, fire, becaufe we doenot take it wihingly,but compelled. Secondly,becaufe I t the