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S. SeEa.t I. whether other made tbroub error dobind the c oar feience. Yof.9.9.I5 t8 2.Sam.zt.t.8 §.Seff.iz. Whetheran eth made toy the creatures or Ide, lsbind theconfcierce. Muth. T.3q. 35.and2,3 zt. ifirper lL- pidernfil¡am iurat periurws Noes te audit laprs logaeroté, fed pr ntt Deets tefallentem. Tom, ro.ferm. 38. ¡orbes made bp Idols and f ;lieLods. 6z Whether an oth by the ereatasres binds the confcience, ouc oth vnlawfull seeing we arc: toprefcrre the avoiding of our owne certainedeath , before tic ft curing of our teigh. bout from vncertait]e pertll. The fifth que(}ton is 'like onto the former, and therefore need(th no long anlwcre, namely, whether othes made through error, and wrefled from vs bydeceit and fraud,doe bin do the confcience vetoperformance . I anfwere briefly, that they do bind vs , ifthe things we promife by suchothes behtwfull and in our power. A plaine xarnple whereofwe haue in the oth which loftta and the Princes of I(rael made vnto the Gibeonites , to the making whereof they were drawneby their Iubtilty,quíte againa their purpofe &mea- ning : which oth, for thereuerence ofGods glorious name, 14ì14,ana thePrinces perforuied,andafterwards beingvio- lated bySaid, it was feuerely punifhed by Godwith a grie» uous fainine,and the de(iruélion of feuen of Sar;ls poflerity. The tîath quellion is, whether anoth made by the crea_ tures,or by Idols and falte gods bindeth the confcience. To this I anlwcre, that (uchtithes bind thefwearcrtoperfor- mance . Concerning orhes, by the creatures it is appa rant, feeing it is the quc flio,i whichwas bctweene Clìrì(land the Pharifes; for they held that fuch othes did not binde to per- formancc,butour Sauiour affirmeth the contrary,andyeel- deth this rcafon ; becaufe they who fweare by thematures, fweare indireftly by God hitnfelfe, there remaining in them Come refcrblances of his power and Maietiy. Heaucn is his throne, the earth his foot (loole , Ierufalem his Cty,the Temple his houle. To the lamepurpofe Aufine faith , that hewho fweareth fai tlyby a (lone is periured; and that how- foeuer that is not holy by which he fweareth,yet the Lord isholy before whom he fweareth; and therfore though the (lone heareth himnot fpeake, yet God will punifh him ifhe doe deceiue . Toconclude , our limple promife wouldbind vs to performance,and therefore muchmore being confir- med by anoth. The like may be Paid of othes made by Idols and falte gods; for howfocuer it is vnlawfull to fweareby them , yet whofoeuer hash fworn by them,as by truegods,he is bound to r