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whether other made i>t f cietier tilde the cenfcience. 63 toperforme his promife : not for the idols fake, but for Gods fake before whom he fwcarcth ; not becaufe theyare true gods indeed, but in that they are foin the fwearersopinion; and therefore the Turke (wearing by .Mihomet, is periured, ifhedoe not performe his oth : and fo likewife thePapifa, fwearingby the Idol of theMaere. The feuenthqueflion is , whether othes made in Cocieties §,Sea, and companies to maintaine their flatutesand orders , do )(orbes made bind the confcience; and whether thofe who fweare to Bach in/ocietics; orders , are periured if they doe not obfrrue them ? To and how Jarre which Ianfwere, that arnoragfl there (Tatum therearefornefnhil b'114 abfolute , requiring (impieobedience; Come penal and con- theconiïience. ditionall,requiring either performance,or fibtniffion tovn- dergo themul& and punnfhment; Corne fubflantiall,andcf- fentiall,which are the fundamental! lawes and orders,vporr the erformance whereof the good continuanceand being ofthe co c poration is grounded:which beingobcyed,the fo- eiety is pre( rued, but being brokenand violated,it is euer- throwne and .dcflraied. O :hers are ceremoniall, tending onely roorder, and decency;and rather for ornatnent,thei-j for necetlìry . Now as the law. itrers require impie and ab- ()lute obedience vntochefor ner kind , namely fuch as are fundamencal,and eirenc.ial,and far the bctrer performance of fuch flatutes, require anoth of the whole Cociety; fo accor- ding vnto theirintention,t-eparticular members ofthe cor- poration takicag theirosh, are hound to yeeld ampleand ab ()luteobedience vnto fuck llatutes, being nor contrary to the word ofGod,and if they do nor,theyareperiured, But as the lawgivers require not fîrrnple obedience vnto fuch (la- ttices as tend only to order & romelìnelre, hut conditional!, that they inu(1 obey orviidergo then:uldl;fo They fwearing according ro the lawgiuersintention , do perform theié.oth :' in fornemanner, when thevbearc the penaltyfor their non- perIc rmkee:althotugh not as they ought,feeing the true end oflawes, isohedivnce, acid not puni ;'rament; neuerthelctfe, they art hereby acquittedofperiury , 3.9 in (erne cafes whol- ly (xcufed, as wneti fame necellàry and it portant calife fl ootteth then to omit a ceremonial' duty. The.