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64 rvhether other made :nfocleties binde theeenfcit,ee. § ScEt.15. Thecinhrh qucf tan is howorhesare to be made andper- 0 .;iles mica be formcd,thac may bee cleere from petiury : Vntowhich¡ 1140100;46k aufovere,that we muff bothmake andperforms them limply and mply pp . and plainly without any manner of fraud and deceit,and in formed, that Ccnfeand meaning in which we would haue hirn vnder- fland vs untowhomwe fweare, without either Popflr equi- uocarion,or mentali rcferuation . For this were to abufe the Maielyof God,ifwe make him awitnefTe and furety ofour deceit,and to delude our neighbour vnderthe (hewofa reli- gious oth . But ofthe two it is more wickedand pernicious, when this fraud anddeceit is vied in the making ofan oth, then in theperformance; for that moil commonly proceeds frommalicioufnefle and preps . cdfa:fehood, whereas the other may be committed through frailly and infirrnity;fud- denly andvnaduifedly. §.SeEt.t 6. Ninthly, it may bee demanded , ifall lawful! othes made we muff per- to al manner ofperlons doe bind theconfcience,and there- /one other fore are to be performed ? The Papi(}s afiirme and maintain mode to ail weare not to keepefaith wich heretiques;and therfore othes Concil,Conf1 n. made to them areofnoforce to binde thecot. cier.ce.But if men. this opinion werereceiued,it wouldone throwall contraFls and intercourfeof dealing bxoh( enc naticnand natic n,and make voideand frufirate all coucnants, andconclufons of truce or would altogiue publike fcaudall, andcaufe thole whoare without to abhorre our religion, as maintai- ning fraud and perfidious treachery; and finally,Gods name fhould be abufed and difhonoured , which is calledvpon to countenance falfhoodandbreach ofpromife. We therefore maintains and hold that all lawful! othes doe bind the con- fctence,vnto whom foeuer they are made at ichoutrefpc6l of perfons,either friend or enemy , true profeffor or heretique, 'Chrtffian or Turke , Proteftant or Papil+. Havingherein for our examples theholy Patriarkes, ilbraham,Ifaac& Iacob, who (wore and performed their orhes made to idolatrous Infidels, elbimilech, Phicol and Laban . And confegucntly that they who breakefuchpromifes confirmed by oth,are perjured perfons. 13'417. In the tenthplace it may be demanded, whether any man bath