Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Reafons to diffwadefromperiury. Gq part in the lake which6urnethwithfire andbrimfizone,as ap_ peareth,Apoc.22.15and a 1.8> Secondly, it containcth in it guileand deceit, and that in §,Sttc.4. thehighefl kinde, and mots pernicious : forwhen deceit and z.Galleand falfhood come masked and difguifed veder a religious orb, decenr which is the rich robe and precious ornament of truth, and iufiice : mennot onely docile open veto it to bedecei- ued and abufed by it, after anordinary andvoluntary man- nerjbut alío are intangled therewith, by a kindeofvuauoi- dable ncceífity; it beefing altogether vnlawfull , without moti apparant caufe,to call the deceivers affertions and pro- miles into queflion , when as they are confirmed with a wit- netTe about exception, and ratified with the authority of God himfelfe . As therefore the Lord is the auengcrofall kindeoffraud,as it is,i. Thef.4.6.Coefpeciallyofthis where- i.Thcf.4 6 by himfelfe is fo much difhonoured; and as all manner of deceit is abominable vntohim,PCal5.6. fo principally this, Pfal.s.ó which the fonnes of Belial countenance with his autho- ritie. Thirdly, it contained) the moll horrible pollution ofGods §.SeEt,5., holyname, which can bee imagined ; as the Lordhimfelfe 3,Gods name witneileth,Leuit,19.12.making that which in it own nature, h polluted by and right vfe,is the fhieldofverity,to become thedefenceof perrr,rJ. falfhood;andofaftrong tower oftruth,whereunto the righe- Lcuit,ry.r z ous runne ,for the ending ofall contentions and controuer- Prou.iS,i Pies , tobecome a fanc`fuary to fhroude liars and deceitfull perfons. Fourrhly,it is a fhamefull abufeofGods Maiefly, when as §.Seal. hewho is truth itfelfe,isproduced as a witnetfe to confirme 4.Gods Ma- a knowne lie, and as a furcty for the doing of that which icily is abafec4 they intendneuer to perform.It isa fhamefull tempting and fcornefull contempt ofGodsal- feeing knowledge, iuflice, power, anger, threatnings , and fearful! vengeancedenoun- ced againfi this fnne, when as knowing a thing to be falfe, they dare auouch it, calling vpon God as a iufl fudge and auenger offalfhood , to inflict vpon them the deferued pu- nifhment oftheir finne,if they doenot fpeake the truth. For X 3 what