Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

i Reafonl to kg's+adefrontperkily,. what is this but dcfperately to makevial' whether God can or will according tohis word punifh their Canna? What is it but like fierce bandogs to flie inGods face,and to darehim. to doe hiswort+ in the executionofhis vengeance? 5.Set°.7. And thefe are the cullswhich arecontained in this firmaof Tbt'eui!t periury. Now the fruits and cffedsthereofare as bad , both fruitsO'er' in refpeaofGod,our neighbour, &our +clues . For fir(}, the a r er drat. periured perfon exceedingly difhonoureth Gods glorious God into their Maie(iy, by drawing him , as much as in him licth, into the prne amuck, communication ofhis finne,andofferechagain(+him a kind eu in them ofviolence in forcing him to thatwhich is quitecontrary to dietb. his owne nature : for whereas hee is moll true , yea truth it (elfe, they bringhim as a patron of their vntruth and falfe- hood,andmake him to the vttcrmoíl of their power, like vntoSatan who is the father oflies . And whereas he is moil iuf}, both in his word and workes , they bring him as their furety to countenance their fraud and deceit. Whereby as in their impious malicioufnetfe they doe, as much as in them lieth, defiroy and ouerturneGods nature and etfcnce, and .hake him like vntoSatan ; fo doc they in decd,and in truth, make themfelues in this refped worfc then the diuell; for howfoeuer he is not onelya liar, but alto the father of lies, cum from the beginning; yet we neuer read not heard that cur he came to that defperate audacioufnefle, that he durf1 prelume to confirme his lies by an oth, or toabufc Gods glorious name for the patronizing and countenancing his vntruthes. Secondly, by his faire fwearinghe ouerrhrowcth truth& §.5 et" 'g' iuf+ice, theone being the Lords great Scale, theother the Fall-el-wearing oucrrhrowerb Scepter ofhis kingdome whereby he ruleth among(} n em truth and the which he cloth after a moil odious and rrecherousman- iuftice ner: for hevCcth Gods forces again4+hirnfelfe; he fire ngthe. neth himfelfewith thehelpe of Gods holynarne,to defiroy thofe heaueniy vertues,truch and iuC}.ice, in which his foule delighteth ; and for thevpholding and maintainingofthofc hellifhvices offalfehood and iniu(lice,whichheft:. much ab- 'horrcth . And in the mane time rnoli audacioufly calleth God