Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

3 A dr f fwafion from thisfilmofdrunkennes. which to be incountred, as being dangerous, &pernicious. He is the fpiritualPhifitionof theChurch,and therefore he mu('c not only haue skill tomake goodmedicines, butalfo fpirituall wifdome to fit thefe medicinesaccording to the nature &qualitie of his patients difeafes. He is the Steward of the family,and thereforehe mull not onlyhaue a liberali hand,to giuefood to all his fellow feruants,buthe mull alfo difcreetly difiribute vnto eueryone theirportion in fit time and feafon.He is the Lords Gardener,and thereforehemuff not only haueknowledge todifcerne between flowers and weedes, but altodifcretion todiftinguifhof times and fea- fons,when it is fit topull vp theweeds or to let them grow; otherwifehe (hal eitherpull vp the flowers with theweeds, orleauing the root behind, (pend his labour in vaine. In a word,he is Gods Oratorand Ambaffadourvntohis people, andtherefore hee mull not onelybe furnifedwith wife in- ftru& ions,but alfo hemutt haue fpirituall wifdome anddd.. cretion,to deliuer his meliage infeafon,and to hauerefpet veto circumftances,oftime,occafion,p rfon,&place. And this is that fpeech which the Wife man fo much commen- deth,Prou.25. z r. Awardf IZen inhis place,orfitly& snfea- r rau.2 al. fon,is likeapples ofgaldandpiftures offiluer: that is,precious and delightfull,fweet andprofitable. It is not therefore fuf- ficient for the well difcharging ofthe workof the Minifte- ry,that we areable to fpeake awordofcomfort; vnleffe we haue difcretion to vtter it in time ofneed, for the railing vp ofthofewho are caf+downe, and for the refrefhing of the faint andweary.:for this werenothing elfe but to give a po- tion to a healthy man, and to lay a foueraigne plaifter vpon the wholeskinne.It is not enough that we arc Bonarges,the fons ofThunder,tobruife andbatter ('conyhearts, and beat downefiin bydenouncingGods fearefulliudgements; ifwe The firmes of doenot applyour fpeech toperfons and times, and inueigh the urnes again(+ thole finnes with which the people vnto whomwee. eught to be re. fpeak aremoll tainted and corrupted.For iffpeakingto the prokci. people we declaim againf} the fins ofthemagifirats,or pre- ching to Enplifhmen,we inueighagaini+ the peculiar fins of the Turksor Indians; or reprehend prodigality among the couetous,