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Ä DISSVVASION FROYI. THE SJI\I OF DRVNKENNES. CHAP. I. Theoccafion ofthis Treatife. Mong many other the excellent gifts, which are required in Gods Minifters, to make them compleate and fit for the workeof theirMmiflerie,I haue aiwaies thought thapfpirituall judgement and dif&etion deferueth to be placed in the formoftranke, as being an ornament of rareexcellency tobeautifieall thereft ; and as it were Lord high Marfhall in the field of vertue, which marfhalleth and rangethall other vertues and graces in their fit places; fo as theymaybee moll feruiceable vnto the great Commander theLord ofhofls;and 111°f-1-profitable for the Church Here- by themanofGodbeeing inabled byothergifts &graces, as learning,zeale,piety,& the ref+, for theworkeofthe Mi- nif+ery, is fitted to vie thefe his abilities tohis bell aduan- tage, which othervvifc wouldbee vnprof table, and often times rather hinder then further the end of his labors. For the Miniffer ofGod is the Lords fpirituall watchman, and therefore it is not enoughfor him to lit in thewatch tower, and to defcry all commers,but hec muf+haue fpirituall dif- cretion, todifcerne friends from enemies, andofenemies, which are tobee contemned as weake and impotent, and L 3 yvh i ch §.Sent. T. Godlie di%ire fion necefart' in agood 01i- nißer.