Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

Po That druukgnsses aboundetn inour land. theywere transformed into.flies whichliue wholyby fuck- ing.. Neither is it poflïble that euer the appetite ofthefe ka- ches fhouldbe fatisfied, feetng they haue an hundred deui- ces to make it fill infatiable; they drinke not only for this{l anddelight,but alto for company and gao.d fellowfhip,ouc drawing on another when his; appctitefaileth;,they drinke inbrauerie, thinking itno finall credit to him, who canget the vidóorie in this drunken con{li&. In this.hellifh conten- tion, theyvfe,aslhaueheard,forÍthankeGodhe hathkept my eies from.beholding this wickedneffe : they, vfe, I fay, glaffes without feet, that fo theymay goeabout in a.conti- nuall motion ; they carroufe by, thebell, by the dye, the do- zen,the yard,and to bymeafur'e,drink out ofmeafure. They draw one another to exce{liue qúa{fing,bymaking challen- ges, who can expreffe moll loue to their abfent friends by large{l drinking, not caring to bring themfelues, through their intemperancy into grieuous difeafes , by drinking healthes toother men. And becaufe nature is content v ith a little, and foone cloyedand oppreffedwith exceffe, they vfe all their art & skill to firengthen it for thcfe icked ex- ploits,as though theirnaturali corrupti6s would not pre{fe them deepeenough intohell,vnleffe theyalfo loaded them,, felueswith artificial) wickedne{fe. To this purpofe they vfe all forts offait meates to whet their appetite,many wherof were found out by vvantonne{fe, andnot neceffity ; to this end they vfe tobacco,that by drunkenneffe they may expell drunkenneffe, andbeing glutted with wine, they drinke finoke, that by this variety it may not grow tedious. SE And therefore it is more then time, that Magiflrates and g e. 3 Minifters riould ioine together, and not onely labour by That ates M the (word ofthe word, but alto by the fwordof Iuflice, to ftrs- nfßerseugbt fuppreffe this vice which heretofore durílnot in this land tobeat dovne Phew it face for fhame, and lurked in fecret corners, but is the Anneof now growne to impudent boidneffe, fo as it dareflagger a- drunkenncße brodeat noone daies in the open ftreetes,the multitude and qualityofthe offenders countenancing the finne. Towhich purpofe I thought good to incounter this vice with the iword ofthe fpirit,and to layopen the nakedneffe,and vgly ñlthineffe