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Ofthe lawfull vfe ofwineand f rangdrinke. $ r filthinefíe thereof, that all may auoid it : but fit ít that wee maynot reie& the goodwith the cuill, thewheatewith the chaffe,nor in (peaking again(} licentioufneffe reflraine from llawfull liberty ; I will fliew the warrantablevfe,and then the vnlawfull abufeofwine and (Irong drinke. For the fist+, wearetoknow that in themfelues they are §.Sert 4. thegood creatures of God , which to the pureare pure, ifThe 1. r,j,ll they be recciued with thankfgiuing, and fant%ified by the z%ofwine word and praier ;and may be diuerfly vrrd without [inne, and rrong p ctrirk.. according to thediuers ends , for which the Lord bath be- T,t.,.is flowed them vpon vs :and there viesand ends are either or- r.Tm.4.4 ï Binary or extraordinarie; ordinarie , which is the natural! and commonvie of thefecreatures,for the nourithingofthe body, and for the prefer wingof health and lirength ; vnro which is required , moderation, temperance, and (íobriety, that fowe may benourifhed and not glutted; flrengthcned, and not diifabled;confirmed in health,and net cafi into fick- neiÌ which refpeél one faith,thatPrima cratera ad fltim pertinet,fecunda adhilaritatem,tertia advoluptatem,quarta ta.Apu!. ad infaniam: The firtl cup is for the quenchingof thid ;the Floridor.lib.;. fecond for delight to make acheeretitll heart, the third for voluptuoufnetfe,and thefourth for madnetie. The extraordinary vieofcbelecreatures, is eitherphyfi §SeE.S. call,or for delight; thephy ficall vfe is either for the flreng- Tbc lawfuli thening and comforting of thebody , or for the cheering c ef ee. c and refrefhingofthe minde. Ifthe body be weake , it is law- `r,1Lhú ex- full for the cheriíhing thereof tovie wine, and nourifhing traordinary, drinkes : for to this endhathGod giuen them vnto vs . So .For the Paul willeth Timothy to viewine for hisfiamackesfi7Ze,andltrengthewing forhis ofteninfirmities, z.Tim.5.2 ;. and the wile man corn- oft`'` body. niandeth that (Irong drinke e giuenvnto him that is ready Prom s ;23 toperifh, Prou.3T.6. But here altomoderation & temperance is to be vied ;for as one faith , Vinton moderatepotatum eft medicamentum, plan iufrio ft'mptum,venenum: Wine drunke -9" fparingly is a good medictne,but being intemperately vfed,fàcr.virg* it becommeth a hurtful( poifon : and therfore the Apoflle gluing liberty to Timothy to drinke wine, addeth a re firaint, that it muu be but a little, lcft liberty fhould bee abated to M licentioufnelfe.