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82 The deceitfulnele of Mans heart. exercifes euen rauiíhed againe ; but yet for all this the fruit ofa well ordered heart and life follows not.. And therefore in truth hee cannot haue any found ! comfort in them,as any euidences ofiufl:ifying Faith . for excellently bath Zarb. coupled thefe two things Luke 1,19- together,To give light to their -that fit in darIZnes and inc rprc c4. in thefhadon, ofdeath. (which I interpret afwel of the 'light ofioiand cosnfort in, the affeUions as of knor -- ledge in the 7 nderfanding,) and to guide eur feet into the ways ofpeace.So that if once being refrefhed with the warmth of this light , ofthis fire, we rife not vp to walke in the wayes of peaçe, but fit Will in the chaii e of floth,holdi'i g the handin the bofom e :it is an argument it was no true light,but onelya fodaine and deceitfull flafhing that (hone vnto vs. 3.1s not riling 3... The ioy of the Lord fheweth it firength,inre vp after-fall. ceiuing vs after our falls, temptations, deietfions. As PfaL4.7.8. we may fee in Dauid,in temptation and diftreffe fee- ling the abfence of the fpiric,and Gods eftranging of himfelfe from him, he prayes, Lord lift thou vp the light ofthy countenance,ffriuing to recouei his loffe. But how, and by what argument? by the experience of the ioy which formerly he had felt in the appre- henfion of Gods fauour; Thou haft giuen me more ioy . then they hale had in abundance of carne and oyle.Lo, the ioy that Daiiid had felt in Gods fauour in time pafç, fet bis teeth on edge after it againe : a notable property oftrue fpirituallioy;it makes vs cleaue fall toGod,who is the matter of our ioy,euen then when either he is departing from vs, by with- drawing his face from our eyes , or wee are departing from him, by with-drawing our necke from his yoke: we haue an