Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulnefe of Mans heart. an example in the Apoflaticall Church of the Ifrae- lites, conceiuing a purpofe of returning againe to the Lord, for that it wasbetter with her before,then Hofer fince her reuolt. And fo the Predigall foRene, when he was pinched with famine calling.to minde the for - mer good fare at his Fathers houre.refolueth;there upon to return home againe. Hience it was that Chrift going about to recouer the Church of Ephe- fur, fornething faine, he puts her -in mind of for- mer eftate,and the happy priuiledges thereof which now thee 'wanted : Remember fron; nrbeffce tlou art falne,anJrepent, ' c That is, confider what kind of eftate thou waft in,in the time of firft loue, how full ofpeace,ioy.in the hots Ghoft,liberty of iris, &c.and then, repentance and doing-the Firfi workes wit followeFor he that bath once tafted-of the>fweet of this ioy,is fo affeted therewith that with Paul hee Luke it 5. would rather die then lofe it. And therefore, fee Rcuee :e;. lingit to be fomething eclipfed by his falls, hee can neuer be at reft,till by renuing ofhis repentance, he be againerepoffeffedofit. But now it is farre other. wife with the bale counterfeit ioy of the Ternporarie beleeuer. The true beleeuers ioy arifeth from a thorowappreherifton of Gods mercy by faitisffrom a thorow feeling of the warmth of ,the Euangelicall trine,cheering him euen at the, very heart,and there- fore this ioy obtained the chieftie- andfoueraigntie in hisfoule;for the ioyinswtward things was -but as a íhaddw,.anc# in therm', , s lotf,qte was faid,4 e .xeioy- ced , as t /origh bee reioyced nett. Hence !then it corn- meth to pate, that fin hauing prophaned and.fome- thing obfcured his ioy,. notwithfianding all-outward \ G 2 com-