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The deceitfuinege of Marts heart. 'whole courfe ofour liu es. When thou AV inlarged my heart (faith Dauid) I'hail rietine the ivayes ofthy Corn- ; manderatents. Nov it is fpiritual l Toy that inlargeth a Chriftians heart , euen as griefe coiitraccis it. And when the Chriftians heart is thus inlarged, he hath fuch frein life and fpirit put into him , that it makes him runne,euen with the feet of the flinde, fwiftly, in the Chriftians race. It is as oyle, wherewith the body being fupplyed, is the more agile, and nimble for action : as in Iacob; after that hee had beene foa- ked in this oyle, and bathed in this bath ofheauenly comforts in Heth,l, as it were a generous and manly horfe refrefhed with a bake in his Tourney : the text fayes,that he lift vp his feete,that is,went chearefully, and with good heart and courage,forward in his tra- ue1l.13ütotr temporarie after his heft refrething with the fpiritual delicates rifeth vp with thofe Ifraelites, to play, he is as weak e and impotent as before , ei- ther for refitting temptation , or performing any good duty.So farre is he from liftingvp hù feete with Iacob, to run the tiaÿes ofGods Comrrandètnents with Dauid. The traueller that by the way drinks a good draught of wine , is refrefhed , and thereby inabied for his trauell : if hee onely fippe of it with his mouth,ftill he will reniainefaint, and weary,vnable to hold on in trauell.So is it with the temporary be- leeu.er, that onely lippes of this fpirituall wine, hee cannot pofïibly haue Dàraids ftrength ; torunne the radii ofGods Cónamandetnrnts.- Heere then is the dif- coherit -othe deceit of liistheart in this kind: he fee - lethofteinmany comforts;aod fornetimes in pray- er, hearing, receiving the Sacraments, and fuch like G exer- 8r Pfal4 dq0?p, clecred. Genq o, t-, 111CMENK