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90 Aass . 37 vide Bucerum, in Mach. Æ. Match. T. 1 Elea are a notable preparative to godly Corrow , and they areas the pricks of the needle, making way for the thred : as wee may fee in the example of that troupe of Saint Peters Converts:nevertheleffe they are to be diitinguifhed from repentance it felfe, as be ing common to the reprobate,with the Ele6t.Ther- fore,as the lick patient fhould deceive himfelfein thinking lace had taken a fufficient purge, becaufe he hath taken a preparative; or as hee fhould de- ceive himfelfe,that fhould think hee were entred farre enough into the houle, that Rands only in the Entry or the Porch: fo doth here our temporary de- lude his foule, tniftakingfome preparatory, andin- troduthry works unto repentance, for repentance îr Cc We. For notwithftandingthofe Penitentiaries in the Aers were miferably wracked, and tormented in confcience, and felt the two edged -fword of the Spirit piercing through their foules, yet when they demanded of Peter, what they fhould do, namely, to be eafed of their prefent diftrefle, received this anf wer ;Repent:belitre then they had not repented as yer,for all the (mart oftheir rubbing & galling con- fciet:ces.Nay,mark how Peter prefcribes repentance as the only foveraigne remedy to releeve them in that their agony. Loe then yet a fowler and groffer I deceit, to take the difeaft for the remedy , to think that becaufe they have the wound curable only by, theBalrne ofdilead,therefore they have the BaIme it felfe. So alto our Saviour calleth Inch as are in this cafe men heavy laden and wearied with the bur - then of Clines guilt, and bids them come unto him.. A man therefore may be burthened with the knit of The deeeitfielaeffe of mans heart.