Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfnlneff of mans heart. of finne, and yet Cas yet) not come to Chrift. Yea, there is as great difference betwixt being thus hea- vie loaden, and comming toChrift ; as bet wixt ha- ving a burthen on ones back 2 and the having of it taken of: for therefore doth Chrift call fuch to ome unto him, that by this meanes they.might be eafed.And yet more plainly doth our Saviour deer this, when he faith,that he came to call /veers (un- derftand it offinners laden with the burthen of their fumes, Teeing and bewailing their mifery) to repen- tance.Therefore,to feele ones felfe a finner, and to bee touched with the fenfe of our mifery, is not al- wayes repentance. And in the place fore - aleadged, Matth.' I. 28.he bids fuch as are laden with finne ; that is, fuch as feele the fmart of fins guilt prefíing the confcience, even them he bids to learn humili- ty : which fheweth that a man may be affeaed with force fenfe of finne, and yet nor truly humbled in godly forrow. But that his deceit, in thinking bee hath godly forrow , may the better appeare, let us briefely examine it by the Properties of godly for - row. Firft , Godly forrow refpeas the finne more than the puniAment, and maketh the repenting firmer to be of this mind, that bee cares not what outward punifhment he endures, fo that he might feele the guilt of his finne wafhed out of his con fcience, and behold the loving countenance of God in Chrift. The voice of godly forrow is that of David, tali a- way the tref affe of thy fervant. It is the tref ee he would have taken away : for as for the Previ fhment, how hee ftood affe&ed , let his owue words after- ward Match. 9. And difcove- red by the marks of god- ly forrow. Which are r T o refpeEt the fin muff. 2. Sam.z4.