Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

92 z 17urablenes. Pfa1.51. 3. Pfal. 4z 5. Thedeceitfulnef ofmans heart. ward witneffe when he (peaks thus to God,let thine hand be upon me and nail Fat hers houf . But it is only the punifhment either felt, or feared, that caufeth that howling and crying, which fometimes is in the wicked Temporary, as Efate, Ahab, Iudas, 6,c. The voyce of this bate forrow,is that ofPharaoh,Take, a-{ tray thisplague,namely,of the outward fcourge,not Take away this hard heart, a greater plague than any, yea, then all the ten plagues. Marke the difference betwixt Pharoah and David ; the ßaves griefc,which is for the whip; and the formes, which is for offend - ing his kind and loving father.The one is the griefe of love, the other offeare and hatred. Secondly,Godlyforrow is lafting and durable: !iy (inne, faith David,is ever beforeme. Their humiliad- on is a continuall a &, renued daily; infomuch, that if they fometime through weakneffe omit it they recompence it with an extraordinary meafure therofafterward. The Prophet elfewhere cornplai- neth,that his tearer were as his ordinaryfood, which if men omit one day, they eate the more for it the nexr.But the forrows of thefe temporaries are ague, and come only by fts and 'tarts. Yet herein not aguifh , that Agues are confiant in their fittes, and force of them hold long,thefe farrows are very un- certaine and momentany.They may be fometimes, as a grave Divine fpeakerh, Serrnonick; but, no o- therwife than men are Sea fck, who are prefently well againe, when they come to fhoare. Here then is the deceit ofthe Temporary, that thinks hee path forrowed enough, if that at any time hee feele any pangs of thefe pallions, any qualms of griefe, any fin all