Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit firinef of Mans heart. 93 finall workings of forrow to disquiet him but a little. Alike, as ifone, feeling the flesh to fmart after the plaifter newly applyed to the foare,fhould prefently take off the playfler, and thinke it had wrought e- nough t whereas the playfter muff lye on frill, till it haue eaten out the corruption wholly. And fo muff this corrofiue of godly forrow, applyed once to the feftercd loares of our finnes frill remaine with vs, till they bethroughly healed,that is, to our dying day and then all teures, euen the teares ofgodly forrow it felfe, fhall be wiped away, but not before. Reue17.17. Thirdly, godly forrow, yea the very firft feeds ;. Driuingto artd preparationsthereof , thofe terrours and hor- ',GOB rours that are in the confciences of the Elea, they Rill driue them to Cod, and fit them for the hand of God, to bee wrought and framed thereby< As wee may fee in them whom Peters Sermon pricked. Their wound made them feeke for Phyfcke, and draue them to the Phyfician, to the men and`Mi-- nifters of God. Now Was alto had histerrours of confcience : fo alfo had sail his. But whither did they driue them? The former not to Chrift, but to the enemies of Chrift, the high Priests, and'the De- uill,to whom he went, when he went to the halter. The latter alto, not to prayer, not to God, not to the men of God, but to Muficke,tothe Harpe, and ,at the daft, to the Witch of Endor, to the Deuill. So they 4ratae Cain to the building of Cities , thinking Gen.4a to deceiue thofe terrours by that imployment of his minde. Thus alwayes doth the 7e npnrarie when God rhootes his arrow into the fide of his confcience., file from him, as a Dog from him that ftriketh