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4.T renew vs. s.Cor.'.to, The deceit fulneffe of Mans heart. ftriketh him with a cud gell , and feekes any where rather for reliefe -than at his hands. For filch is his defpaire, whereof he is [wallowed vp,and Cuch is his defperat e malice and hatred againft God in this cafe, thathe cannot Co much as whifperthe leaftfyl- fable to him : It is otherwife with the -Elea of God. Paul being fearefully wounded and confounded in his minde , could yet then fay to that God that did all that vnto.him , . Loord, ghat troxeldefl than haue mee to doe? Fourthly, godly forrowworketh Repentance , a change and an alteration of heart, caufing vs to hate finne, and loue righteouftìeffe. And the reafon is , for that in godly furrow the heart is moulten, and wholly liquefied and dhfolued, and fo being made. ['oft and tender , receiueth the ftampe and impreffe of Gods Spirit.But in thefe our Temporaries no filch matter. They may other -while flied a fel,v-whoorill, tear.es_&; hatg down the headlike a bill-rufh for a day, with thofe Imes : but filthy twine that they are, af- ter they haue waffled themfelues(in the waters,one would haue thought of Repentance) they returne prefently to their wallowing in the mire of their former filthineffe. Ahab faits and pincheth his car- kailè with lack-cloth, and goes creeping and crou- ching ; but had he euer truely repented for oppref fing of poore'Na6oth, would hee fo Toone after haue fallen into the fame finne ofopprellion , in the vn- iuft - imprifonment of the holy Prophet Michaiah; where the circumftance ofthe perfonoppreffed,ad- deth weight to the finne ? If it had beene true re- Fentance, his hand would not ííi11 haue remayned , x . blond,,