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The deceitfnlneffe of Manar heart. 95 blondie , nor his Bare vncircurncifed , to diftafte the wholeCome Prophecies of faithfull Michai«h. Efan; oen,s7.34. ;f. euen in the middeft ofhs yelling,falfly accufeth Ia- cob his brother for coufenagefeeketh to haue a blef f ng feuered from his brothers , and carrieth a vin - di&iue minde againft him , purpofing to murther him. Yea Felix, when ftrucken with the rnaiefty of Aftssj.ú.17. the word in Paull mouth)fo that he trembled ag :ine for feare, yet euen then he remained the fame coue- tous FO/ix that before:at that very inftant he trem- bled, hee coueted, and expeaed,a bribe of Paul, when he gaue Paul Tome occafion, to expe& repen- tance of him. Thus alfo when Gods,thr-eatnings in the minifterie of Mofes wrung tearer out ofthe Ifr ae- Num,t }ai 9 40 lites eyes , yet they could not wring rebellion out of their hearts : for being threatned to die in the Wil- derneffe, for their thoughts of returning into Egypt, Deut.,,4o.4t. and therefore commanded not to goe the next way tò Canaan, but to goe backe againe into the Defart, that fo the denounced fentence might be executed; they feemedmuchto be moued herewith,and hum- bled themfelues in weeping and confeffion of their fnnes: but yet for all thís,they would by no mean es bee perfwaded to obey the commandement of not going on ftraight forward toward Canaan, The like is to bethought ofIndas his griefe:for all that,ftill he remayned the fame olde Indas that before There was not any true hatred of his finne wrought in his heart; for then hee could not haue added murther to murther. Nay, if hee had hued, he-would haue beene ready to haue played Come new pranke. Thus it is with all Tenfporarier. Though they flied ricers of