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96 In the Pied. :ßefiresd"rf. eoueréd. s.Cor4. rb john 6. Ads .4. 23. By their, z.faintnet e. The deceit fislnej of Maas heart. of tenres,though they trotter their conches , and euen bathe and foake thenfeitues in this fait brine, yet for all this they centaine vuCeafotaed and vumortified.' Their Leopardsffotr í}i11 rewayne vnwafhen ; . their'. Blacf`amores hide vnchanged..But godly forrow is of that nature , that the foule pncedrecched, and, baptized with the tear,es thereof, r+eceiueth fuch a tinç7 ,jr:e and die of grace,that will neuter after out. There is no ditiillation of hearbs fo precious for the curing of bodily, as thisof godly forrow and reares for the healing our foules inhrmitie. The aire is not fo cleared, when the cloud is drffolued by raine, as the niinde, whenthe clouds of ouriniquities are diffolued by the raine of repentkg teases. Thefe waters are the Red Sea,wherein the whhle armie of our finnesis drowned. But for that theft waters its, the Temporarie are but (hallow, and want their tut} depth, therefore his firmes are not choo4Zgd, but ra- ther delicioufly bathed therein. And fo much for the temporaries forrow. His delires aie no lef `e deceit rill. De/re is recko, ned by Pawl among the fruits or parts of repentance. Andin temporaries there tétin oft - tintes to be good motions, dilpofitions, and delires after good. things. They in the Gofpell,hearing the exe llesst difcourfe of our Saniorsr, concerning the- heauenly Manna, cryed out, as afFe.hed therewith, fiord, euermore gille vsofMir bread. Aid itgritframajifatr Wrought upon by Paul, that hce fay4)7:46y, Aito erfivgde) we to hecoy e a Chrifiiaq, But tge fe çleh ès of theteer porary are not found For, t. True defites are no ferait defireg, hutfuch a$ make s i