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9$ Í The deceitfislnefJ'e of Mans heart. Mat. 5.4, i+. ... core our Savio it compares them to the naturali de fi es of h. unger and thrfi : Now hanger (as we fay) will breallthorough a lion wall: k will make a man eat his own flefh , rather than to be ftarved : And Davidr thirft made him venture the lives of his three I worthies.In nature thecmacupifcible faculty is fecon ded with the irafcihle, our de /ire is backed with our anger , fo that being trolled in our delires, our an. I ger prefently is up in armes , and laboureth there- ; movall of that which crofieth : So fire betides its light,wherby it defireth as it were the hi2heft pia e, hath alto heat, to confume ail obftacles that with- Rand his afcent.But now our temporaries delires are nothing elfe but idle, lazie, and lusking wither, fuch as the fluggards, whereof Solomon thus fpeaketh. nhe defire of tide fluggard flayet h him; ór his hands re- Pro.zr.za.ac, to work. And againe , The/luggard lufieth, but Pro.i3.5, bath nought. Why? Becaufe the Lion in the way ter - , rifieth him;the toil of working skares him:he would Maine have meat , but will nor work : and fo thole in the Gofpel would faine have the heavenly bread, 1011.6 34,35..36 Lord,ez'ermoregive us of this bread,but they will not (as Chrift tels them) take the paines to come unto him by faith fork : for God hath appointed, thatas in the naturall,fo allo in the fpirituall life, In the fweat 1 of thy bromresthou fhalt live,But our fluggifhTempo Irary will none ofthati he delires and defires,but fill lies lusking in his bed, gaping and ftretching him felfe, like the door that runnes upon the hinges,but yet hangs Rill upon them,lt comes not offfor all the turnings; fo he, for all the turning of his heart in faint and weak delires , ftill hangeth fail upon the hinges