Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fïslief of Mans heart. hinges of his firmer, and cannot poflibly cçme out of the power of iniquitie : teeing many rubs in the way o'his defres,he bath no Cpirit or courage to go about to remove them, to break through the hofte of the fpirituall Phiaftines,for the getting of the Cpi- rituall waters : He can with with Baalana, o that my foulemrsight die the death of the righteou.! But he doth not alike delire the life of the righteous. Jibe delire vertue; yet not the meanes that should bring him to it ; and thus defining vertue,he pin and perifhes the want of ir. Hells mouth it felfe,os one (ayes, is full o f fuehfleight andflothfull tripes : Such as were his in the Gofpel, that hearing Chrifis heavenly dis courfe,cryed out,affe &ed therewith, ,8leffed are they that eat bread in the gngdome of God; But, as our Saviour there fhewes in his anfwer,they fuifer every light occafion of Farmes, Oxen, Wives, to detaine them. And fo as the Temporaries delire is an idle, Co alfo it isa difobedient delire, that will not fubmít it felfe to Gods commandement in the ufe of the meanes:but the trueBelievers delire is iahorious,and fo dutifull,fubjeBeing it Pelf to the tire of the meanes commanded,and as carne üly defiring thofe meanes, as the end it Celle : as David,when ravifhed with the meditation of the good mans blcfl'edneffe,prefently conceived this delire; not, O that I had this happi- nefle ! but, O that I could uCe the mean es to bring me to this happineffe ! o that my mays were fo dire - ¿red, that I might /eep thy (iatutes : And again, My heart breaketh for defire of thy iugdements. 3 True delires are confiant, as in David, in the words 'aft mentioned, My heart breakotb for dtfre H 2 to 99 Nun.2,3.10. Y'irtuteftt exop. tar.t,contabef- cuntq; reliaa. Pert. Luke.14.cs. Ptai //9. S. P,31.119.10. 3, Ficklene(lè.