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I00 The deceit fuluefe of mans heart. to thy judgements alzvales: The reafon is,becaufe true delires are infatiable. The good Chrifian though he have never fo much grace,yet fill feels his wants; and the more he hath, the more he defireth, and when these fpirituall richer encreafe ( contrary to PfaL6 .io. D avids prohibition in the Tenrporall)he fits his heart upon them. And therefore fill his foul imitateth the Prov.3o. horte- leaches voyce, that cryes, Give,give : but the de fires of the Temporary, although fometimes for the time they may fceme violent, yet at length they va- Ole.s.;4. nifh away as the morning dew; as God himfelfe cenfureth thofe good aff'e ions which Teemed to be in the Israelites. The motions and affe &ions, which he hath in good things,arenot much unlike to thofe which the true believer bath sometimes in evill:For as he in temptation fometimes may be tickled, and feele Come prickingin his defires to the way ofwic . kedneffe (as once David, whenhe began to enter - caine thofe thoughts,/ have wafted my hands in inno cencie in vain:) yet in conclufionhe quenches thole thoughts, and fo mocks Sathan, to whom bee made faire ofcomming to him: as David did, when for all his beginning to yeeld, yet in the end he came in with, that but, or yet : for all this I fail ere -while , Godis good, &e. So this our Temporary, though o- ther-while he may have, as we fay, a months minds to godlineffe, and with Agrippa be halfe perfwaded to be a Chrifian, yet the eonclufion is, I will not leave my former courfe, and fo hee mocks God, whom he bore iu hand, that he would become his Disciple. C: