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The deceit fUlneffe of mans heart. <: s;:. g .. »s.,. ,.; CHAP.VII. of the deceits of the Temporary in the outward prat3'ice of Repentance, Aving thus detected the deceitfulneffe of the Temporaries repent.;nce, in that which is inward, this Chapter {hall be (pent in (hewing the deceit of that which is outward,both that which is in words,and in deeds : for the former 2. Outward, in there are two specials, wherein the Temporary de- words. ceiveth himfelfe; Confeon and Prayer. t ForConfeon, it cannot be denyed but that it r Confeflion. is a worthy fervice ofa repenting finner,or else God would never have promifed fo great a reward co it : If wee confeff our fumes hee is faithful to forgive. /din the large Catalogue ofhis good works,where- Ìoÿ with he cheared himfelfe in that heavie agonie, a, mongft the ref( reckoneth the confeflion of his fins for one, I ft have hid my fin, as did ,dam,&c. And David having Paid, Take away the trefpaff ofthyf r- = Sam.2413 van,' ; to make good that fpeech,and to prove him- decree!. selfe Gods fervant,he addeth, for Ihave donefoolish ly; as Tome godly learned think, hereby intimating, that if he deserved not to be called Gods fervanr,in regard of his lace finne, yet ac leafs, in regard of his later fervice of confession: yea,elfewhere when on- ly a pnrpofe ofconfefsion conceived by him, Gods care was in his hearr,before his confession was in his tongue ; I thought 1 would couple my finne,and thou Pry. ;i,4, forgavefi we: for as only the man wakened out of his H 3 dream