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Z02 l The deceitf#lneffe of Mans heart, dreams can tell his dreame,fo only the mar, awakc- Pe Maio; ner# out of his finnes by repentance , can truly con- 'tome vig, fe a them, Wherefore ho,wfo,ever Tempos-aria rari , and lands: fu pet ta. p t: confiters ve- ungenera.e men may make an outward conk Ilion rè pxátentis a.s Saul, ludas,Pharaoh,and others did,yet the truth e AaguC. iG there is much guile in their confe(lion . Difcovared, ' I, True confeffion mull: come, as we fee in. the Publican, from a touched and troubled foule, from that broken and bleeding heart of David,from that melting and relenting heart of Iofaah : This is the sacrifice which the Lord will not defpife. But our Tern. porary knowes it not,the paine of the wrack only wrings the confeflion from him, not the mercie of ,hat Tweet God,whom he bath offended: And ther- fore, as we fee in Pharaoh, when he is off the wrack, hebegins to Ling another note, and to unfay and call in,in a manner, bis confefrion. z. It mull: come allo from a believing heart, lay- ing hold upon mercy : As Dan. 9.9. Tet coutpa on and forgiven es is with the Lord, albeit we haverehelled iagainft him. And Ezra, 10.2 -We have trefpafed, &c. yet /Kw there is hope in Ifrael concerning thi,r,namely, for the forgiveneffe of this fin.This the Temporary in his difireffe cannot doe. ludas could fay, .t have finned, but for his life he could not adde thofe words of David, rake away the fin ofthy fervint. Nay bee, could notfa.y that confeflîon, have finned to God,, but only to the high Prief.:: For he was wholly fwal lowed up of defpaire. His repentance was a defpe rate repentance,not tempered with faith, fo as is the true repentance. And therefore our Saviour prea- ching repentance faith, Repent and believe. 3. Con - becaufe ir comesnei.her from 1 broken, L Nor a belie- ving, Mark.i,15.