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The deceit fulneffl o f M,ens hurt. 1.0; 1 3. Confefíion mutt come from an honeft heart) I1oraiiher purpofog not to finne , that fo with the conkfTion ñek heat. 1 w may joyne alto the confolion and overthrow of ÿfinne : We that conf ffèt h and fortketh (that is, :bee rrov.ns. 3.13, that in the very a'c ofconfeflïngforfaketl:) his frame, liallfiiedemerey.This was the confeflion of that good ishecaniah,Ezra.10.2, 3. We have trefkred, &e.1Wow 'therefore let me make a covenant with the Lord to put array allthe wives . But how farre are the Tempora- ries from this , who when by confefiïon they have feemed to difgorge thcr ffomacks, have filthily . with the dogge eaten up their own vomit agaiae ? And fo farre are they from this purpofe of not fitly ning,that they are fully Pet_ upon fi, ,in confefiìng; as ;in chore t fraelit es; hat faid,rre have;t zned,we will go Deure.i Zi; rrp; which was as much as if they fhould have laid., we haze finieve will ftn:for Cod in the formerverte verfcgp had forbidden them to goe up : yea, many of them preCume to fin , becaufe ofconfeflïon; thinking by it to be eared, as the drunkard by his vomiting. And though force of them, in their good moods, and in fome of their fits, may feeme, when they humble therafelvesin confeflìxn, verily to purpole amend- ment , yet there are no found, no retied, no fincere and honett purpofes,but hidden flafhings,conceived by their deceitful) hearts, rather to avoid the judge- ments either felt , or feared , then truly to pleafe God; and thus, *becaufe the heart is not rent, toge- ther with the garments, therefore neither is the fin rent,but rather fewn railer togetherbythat rending of the garments and becaufe with that penitent Pub' lican, they joyn not the inwardfmiting of the heart H 4 with