Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

104 Tundrnt prlus & non carri_ gent vitia, ila confot.dat.Aug, a. Prayer difco- vered,becaufe. Luke ILI, Luke too. Rom 846. r Not in more grievous trials Lob 17.Io y Not feeking Gods face. The deceit fislneffe. of mans heart. l with the out warditnockingrof the breft therefore this knocking doch not batter in pieces but rather confo. lidate and more firmly compa& finne together. 2. Point, which the mouth performes,is Prayer: neither can it be denied, but that the Temporary may pray, and that as one would think, very zealoufly, as no doubt but/ribs did,together with his fel )owes, all of(hem defiring Chrifl to inftru& them how to pray : neither only may he doe this v i.h others, but allo folitarilyapart by himfelf, as it is Paid, the Pha- rifee went up to the Temple to pray, as well as the Publican, both of them to their private prayers,t he Temple then in regard ofceremoniall bolineffe,be- ing the place,as well ofprivate,as ofpublike prayer. It may feeme than our Temporary is well : For it is onely the fan &ifyings pirit which teacheth to pray, who therefore is fiiled the Spirit of prayer; and the children of God are ufually in Scripture defcribed by chis,that they call upon the name of the Lard: But alas, his prayers are not true prayers, they are tur- ned into finne : For, Firft , though he may pray, to our thinking (and his own too fometime) very fervently,yet lob faies, Will hepray alway ? No, in more grievous tryals his heart and hopes faile him; his month isftopt, bee is ftrookfpeechleffe,with the gueft in the Parable, and hath not fo much as one word to bleffe himfelfe withal), who yet lavifhed molt luxurioufly in abun- dance of words the time of peace. 2 in prayer hee feeks hirnfelf, and not Gods glo- rie they care not fo much for Gods favour as for their own profit. Whereas the property cf true prayer