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The deceitfilneffe of mane heart. ( ros prayer is let down by Solomon If n people , a z Chco.7. 14. mong whom my name if called upon, fhall humble them- felver,and pray,andfee4nly face. In prayer, Gob face and favor is to be fought above all other things: and therefore our Saviour teacheth us both to begin our prayers wich delire of his glory,Hallorpedbe th. name: and to end them wich giving glory to him, Thine if the kingdome, &e. But the Temporary is not thus b oll- ly carried into his prayers with the refpe& of Gods glory, with Mofi rand Pail, preferring it to his own Exo±. ;,.3n. falvarion, but with felfe refpelkand chofe very bate, Rim 9.3. as may eafìly appear by there two things : fic[t, his prayers are more zealous and fervent wich others, then alone by himfelf : wheras the vehemencie of a true Chriftian is then greateft,when he is flint u;1 in rue donee vere his clofet,and hash God only to be wines qui ¡ne ruts thewes,that pride and vaine -glory fwav him,not any diet. true zeal to Gode glory : Secondly after prayer he bath no care to return thanks;as in the nine Lepers, which cried as loud as the tenth, Iefur have Jmercy, but returned not with him to give thanks for their health; which fhewed they fought thenifelves only in their prayers, and nothing efteemed the love of Chrift : thirdly, he makes prayer the end of ray er ;. Nor fi his ed he prayes to pray,he refis in his a °rand doch no ens, "nti his in good fadnefie ufe his prayer as a mean to prt_vaile again ft his fins; he prayes idlely and lazily, and doch nor, together wich his lippes in prayer, move lie hands in endeavouring for that he prayes according as solomon dire1ech, coupling together prayer ro Pcïay.z 3 4. God &our own endevour,If thou call for know/edge. l and cry for underflanding,if thorn f elfheras flver,and parch