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ro6 The deoeitfulneffe of itfarasheart. Prov,i4.2,3. 1 fearch for her as for treafure. Lo, together with right crying and calling in prayer , there muff be feeking and fearching in the ufe ofthe means:elfe we do but mock God,and our (elves much more, if we pleafe .our (elves in fuch prayers. And that which Solomon (peaks of other idle talk , will bee true of the vaine prattle of Inch flothful prayers; inall labour there is abundance, but the talk of the lips only bringeth scant. We (hall Will remain Poore and beggarly in fpiri= tuall things, unleffe our hands beftirre them, and la- bour,together with our mouthes; unleffe we rife up from our prayers, with a (cried purpofe to buckle Pral.194 47. our (elves to our bufines,As David,after that he had prayed the Lord, that his wayes might bee directed to keep Gods ftatutes, and had enforced this prayer by certaine arguments, he thus ended ir, /will keep Verfe 8. 6 fiatute.; whereas the temporary believer feels no filch fruir of prayer, rather fayes fecretly, I will lie in myfinnes Rill, againft which I have prayed , I will break thy fratutes , which I prayed I might Corfef/;lib 8.In keep uch like to S. ?Win , that before his con exordia adalef- i9 centire pet;eram verfion prayed toGod for chaftity and continencie, d to caflitatem, but yet was afraid, as hee writes of himfelfe , left thxeram continents. m, & God fhould hear his prayer too footle , defirous ra- da mibi conti ther to have his luft fatisfied than extingui(hed. mom,fedne- Such kinde of minds have the unregenerate in their, meaimnime- (till they love their finnes and would not 1 bam enim ne me prayer Y city exaudirte , for all their talk,leave them by their good wils.And morbo ebo d ncupif therefore doe they fo neer refemble him in the Fa- I eentie, gram hie, that when his Cart ftuck in the mire,called up-1! rxpleri male- on his god for help, btic yet lay ftill, and would not baa,q "am ex' ftirre the leaft of Isis fingers to help himfelf;yea,and I t "`gk`' thofe l