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,k I 1 a The deceitftslnej of mans heart. fide,only the confcience of Gods Commandement, and the defire of his glory that fwayes with us.Blefed l Pfat.rro3, are they that 4!ep hi:tefìimomies (faith the Prophet;)' cleared. bat becaufe there may be much guile in keeping, he addes,andfeekhim with their whole heart. The true Ierem,4.4.ex- keeping ofthe Teftimonies is when we leek God, pounded. and not our felves, in keeping; when as Ieremy Cayes, we be circumcifed to the Lord, that is, in refpeet of Gods commandement, and not the Magiltrates, as it is with too too many. Hence that phrafe which is fo frequent with the Prophet, of reeking God: com- Pfal.rr9:44 mandemiient :, I am thine, Pave me :for 1 f el¿ thy pre- explained. apts. Which implyeth thus much, that all that wee s are to leek in our obedience, and the precepts them felves, the thing fpecially we are to aymeat, is obe- dience it felfe to the precepts : But Gods precepts may fay to the remporaries, yce Peek not us, but your felves : As Shrift Paid to force ofthem, yee feel Augin Pfat, me becau f of the aloaves. Some Prov. a. a8. are faid to 118. In apienli.a o leek Cod and yet of the fame men it is faidin the fapicnlie loqsi- tue ipla tapien- next verle, that they hated the knowledge of God : tia,uarent me how can they be Paid to leek that which they hate? madi & non in- venitnt,quia v. hint that they fought not God fincerely, but only dg runt /apienti- for their own cafe fake, to be delivered out of their em. quid efi trouble and fo indeed they fought not God, but adud uam y g oderunt me? themfelves : FJr all their obedience is eitherfiavO' uomodo i itur or mercenary;fometimes it is the obedience of the dicuntue quire- requod oderunt, bondflaue, fometirnes of the hireling, alwayes bare j nifi quia 2104 corrupted with Tome wrie and wrong confiderati Goc(ed aliad ibi on or other. Sometimes the Bare of man works it gKrunt i' as in Efaú r marrying no longer with the Canaanite:; oen.z8,8.5% but with the pofteritie of /frnael. Mofes noteth the ground