Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfulnefe of mans heart. it3 ground of it to have been the confideration of his Fathers diftafte of his CanaanitiJb wives. Sometimes againe the flare of Gods jiedgenent, as of the rack of an accuf ng confcience , of the torments of hell - fiire, &c. this holdeth us to it. But here that which the Apoftle fpeaketh concerning Magiftrates lawes chat wee ought to he fubje &, not onely for wrath namely of the Magiftrate, and the punifhment which that wrath may inflitt,but for confcience fare, Is true much more in Gods law, that we ought to performe obedience, not Co much for wrath, no not for Gods own wrath, and the punifhment it will inflif, but though there were no hell, yea, though there were no heaven, of very confcience , be- caufe the Lord God bath commanded us. Other - while againe the Temporary obeyeth upon hope of fore good that hereby may accrue unto him, as profit, pralle, and fach like. And here that depra- vation ofSathan hath his truth ; D oth lob ferve God for nought ? Doth Saul love God for nought ? N o, it is for a Kingdom e. Doth Iehu root out Ahab., race for nought ? no, it is to confirme himfelf in the Kingdome. Doth he deftroy Baal for nought ? no, it is for glory in the world, that he may crac(, and call up good ionadab to applaud him and his zeale; Core and fee what zeale I have for the Lord. Thou deceiveft thy felï Iehu, it is for thy felfe : Therefore God Cayes afterward by the Prophet, I will vifit the blood of lezreel upon the hou fe of fehn.Though it were shed by Gods own appointment, yet becaufe Iehu obeyed not Gods commandement, fo much as his own ambition and pride in the thedding there- I of Genef,z8.8. Eiom.t3.g. fob x.g, Hofea t,4