Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

114 The decei¡falneffeofMans heart. of; therefore God will not punifh it as difobedience nor reward it as obedience. So likewife, though Ifaai : God commanded the burnt offerings, the new Moones, &c. yet he asketh the jewes, who required thefe things ? becaufe it was not the confcience of Gods commandement that moved them to per - tfa.s$ forme thefe Cervices. And again, Havejee fafied to na:e? to Me, faith the Lord, becaufe it was not any true regard of Gods word that caufed them to fait. Obedience in the Word is compared to fruit and the doing of good works is called the bringing, forth of fruir. Now fruit comes of feed : Seed mutt firer bee re:eived of the ground , before it can yeeld us any corne. This feed is the word, tie com- mandement of God : Firft , wee mutt receive this feed before wee can bring forth any fruit : firít wee muff hear the word, and by faith apply unto, and urge upon ourfelves the commandement, and then obey. Obedience without refpe t to Gods word, is but wild Oates; it growes ofit felf,there was no feed own to bring forth this fruit, and therefore it is not good. And filch is the obedience of the Tesaaporarie; he hearer not the Word though it (peak to him; nei her doch he do what he does as to the word; the word indeed requires of him that heedoes, but he does it not as hearing himfelfe requefted by the word, but rather by his own corruption. If God had asked Ich,, concerning his deftroying of Ahab pofterity, Baal! Priefts and worfhip, who required this at his hands, hee might truly have anfwered , vaine-glory,ambition,pride,policy. And here is the firft detection of the Temporaries obedience. 2 Note