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The deceit fielnefJ of Mans heart. its s. Note of true obedience is univerfality. And y.Vnivcrta ity. this neceffarily fpringeth from the former : for if o- bedience befncere, that is , if it be performed onely becaufe of Gods commandement, it muff needs be univerfall,ro one commandement as well as to ano- ther : for there is the fame divine 'authority binding the confcience in one as in another. And therefore truly it is faid,What foever rs done forGods cauf is done equally 3 becaufe the fame God that commands one ot,ttqurd prop - ter Dann fit precept, commands alto the other. Hence is that of politer fit. fames, he that breaketh one commandement it guil Authoroper :a copulative So that, `mperfeíii in tie of all for the law is wholly P Mach.41% 4, as where many friends are linked together in a fare bond offriendfhip, if you offend one ofthem, you offend all,all the reft will intereft themfelves in their friends quarrell ; fo is it with the commandements, they are fo knit and chained together, that when one is violated, all the reft are ready as it were to cake its part,and to enter into Gods Court their sal- on of trefpaffe againft us. Hence it was,that when Come of the Ifraelites had broken the fourth Com- mandement in going out to leek Manna on the Sabboth, God challenged them for breaking of all his commandements, Hots long refute yee to keep my Exod.tó.1s. commandements ? And Ezechielreckoning up many abhominations , faileneth the ;imputation of all of them on him that had a &wally offended in one only. It is a remarkeable place, and therefore I will let EKeth.ís.io. down the words at largeffhe beget a Sonne that is a Thie fe. or a fbedder of bloud, i f he doe [ any one o f the f things] though be do not all thefe things but either bath eaten upon the mountaines,or defiledhis neighbors wife I 2 or