Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

M 116 3-hedeceitfielnelf of snan.rheart. or opprefed Me poor ,6,c fhall he live ?Ke!hal1 not live. Seeing he hath done [all the fe aboniraat ionr, ] heflhall die the death. Here he faith all; and yet before hee laid one only,becaufe breakone, andbrealfall; keep one truly and heartily, and keep all. Whence it is that Come one good action bath bleffedneffe afcribedto it; as the making ofpeace, ;itatth. s . becaufe of this concatenation of the commandements, and the vcrtues therein commanded , that a man cannot keep one, but bee mufr keep the refl.; hee cannot have one graces but he muff allo have another. For there is a double both keeping and breaking of the commandements, habit Pall and areal!. Habitual!, in the preparation,purpof e,de fire and dif o /ition of the heart : Atrsall , in the outward deed. Now howfo- ever he that breaks one breaks not all aamal ÿ; yet breaking that one habitually , bee breaks them all habitual!,; his heart ffands alike affeaed to break any of the reff, and whenfoever occafion (hail ferve he will break them. And howfoever he that keep one, keeps not all 4C/really; nay, hee that keeps molt breaks all a/mil/5 yet hee that keeps one com. mandement habitually, that ic, in the purpof and in- clinat ion of his heart, he keeps them all in the fame manner, his heart 'lands honefily difpofed to the keeping of the ref l; he may fay with David,My heart is prepared. So that it may be truly laid, the wicked doe break even thole commandements they keep, that is, they break in regard of the fitneffe and pre- paration of their hearts thofe they keep fometimes outwardly : And fo in the fame fort, the godly keep thole commandements which, aEtually, they break. The