Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fulnef o f ,Mans heart. The beft of Gods children are often overtaken wich divers fnnes, and with fome one more than with another ; and fo faile more in the breach of force commandment than ofanother: yet frill -they keep that commandement in regard of the bent and affe&ion of their hearts; they- content with Pan/ to the Law, even in than commandement they moft break, that it is holy and good. Now when wee fay true obedience is catholike and univerfafl, the keep ding of all the commandements; it is to bee under- {toad of thishabituafl obedience, when with David we looktowarekor have refpec`I to them all.Lo then the deceit of the remporaries obedience! Though they doe many things, as Herod and Indas; yet they live in the habitnall b ; each of force one commande- ment at leaft. As Herod, in the habituall breach of the feventh Commandement, in his incefi : Indas in the hahhituall breach ofthe eight h,in his covetoufnee. Their hearts were Pet on chore fins, and they drunk them as the Fiflt doch Water. They hated thofe good commandements of the Lord , that forbad thofe f unes, and could have wifhed, withall their hearts, there had been no filch Commandements : which (hewed, that even in thofe commandements they kept , as Herod in hearing Iobn; Judas, Chrif% their obedience was rotten and unfound, and with out all regard of Gods commandement : for the fame God that bad Herod reverence Johns Mini - flerie in the fecond commandement, bad him .alto poffefe his veil holines and honour,in the feventh. And if confcience had made him love the fecond Commandement,, finely it would not let him have I3 hated I17 Itom.7.14. Pfal.I 19.6.