Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

I 18 ¡ The deceit fielneffe of Mans heart. . Conftancy, hated the feventh Commandement. So Judas, ifhe had truly hated other finnes, becaufe they were finnes,hee could not then have loved, and Co lived in covetoulnelfe. And if Gods feare had made iehu put down Baal; worfhip, he would toc then have ftiil retained Jeroboams calves,the fame God forbid ding both. Let the Temporary then mark himfelfe well, and he (hall finde that in force point or other he hath a digenfatorie conlcience wi_h Gods word. And as rogues under hedges, without the Magi - firate, Co bee can make licences to himfelfe without Gods warrant , to continue in this or that finne. Whereby his prophane contempt of God is mani -1 feftly bewrayed, and his obedience in other things', convinced to be no obedience to God, but to man; or to himfelfe , or to that refpe&, whatfoever it is, chat drew it forth. 3 Note of true obedience is fetled confiancy,when, as the Scripture fpeaketh, we wall¿- in the comman- dements of the Lord,and exerci fe our (elves therin; as the wicked are raid to be exercifedin covetoufne fs, in that they conftantly follow it, as the Artificer loth his trade : But indeed the Terrrporary cloth not walk in thofe wayes, as doth the honeft Traveller ! in the broad high-way, but onely like to the thiefe comes frisking and crofsing over them. His obedi- ence is like the true Chriftians difobedience, which is . not fetled and rooted , but onely for a fir. The good Chriftian quickly remembers himfelfe, and returnes to his courfe ofGodlineffe, when through diftemper he hath begun to ftray : and fo the Tem- porary Chriftiau as quickly returnes to his intermit- ted