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The deceit fulsep o f Mans heart. j 1 19 ted wickedneffe , when fometimes hee chances to flumlle upon devotion. His obedience is a moody and pa orate obedience . loon forgot. It is like to sax', affection to D avid; when the evil fpirit comes upon him, then that Religion which before he leered to make fo much of, (hall be runne thorough with the (pear of grofhe and wilful! difobedience. Hee Both not, neither can he, cleave to the Lordwith full pur- pofe of heart ; as the true Believer. And fo much for his alive obedience. Now for pavein Coffering; Wee would think it ftrange, if the Temporary Believer might go fo farre as to fuller for the truth : But it is a plaine cafe he may. Did not Peter (peak in the name of all his Fellowes, and fo of Judas, when hee laid, Mafier wee have forfaken all and followed thee? Did not ludas leave his calling in the world, whatfoever it was,and did he not neglect all other meanes and pofsibilities of his lively -hood and cleave only to C hrift for three yeers fpace,be- iag partaker with him in his fufferings? So did De- was and Alexander with Paul; and yet both after- ward became fearfu ll Apoflatea ; inComuch as Alex- ander (of being perfecuted) turned a perfecutor , and that of him, who before had turned ofa perfe- curing Jew, a perfecuted Chriftian; for S.Paul wri teth of him,that by putting away agood corgi fcienee, he dyad fbipsí'rac&ed the faith, that he had dose him much evil, that he witVood his preaching fore,that he blaf- phemed the tratth;and yet we (hall finde in the Ads, that in Paul/ caafe he was very neer unto martyrdom, when he was violently dragged forth, and cart as a prey to the teeth of thofe raging Ephefians. Nicholas 14 the EAt''ts TT, z;: z Parve, !hewed to be in them. Matth.i9,'zi. x Tim.í $g._zC. z Tim.4.T4.t5'. Afts Nam qui snar- tyrio propinquo u t.Calvia. Ad 6.5