Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

120 l The decei fialneffe of Mans heart. Rcvel. b.t§. ii irI a Galath.3.4. the Deacon joÿned himfelf co the petfecutedChurch and yet afterward became a ringleader & the head of a horrible wickedneffe: for of him were chofe ivi cholaitans,S.Iolrnfpeaketh of,fo called. The like we may fee in elnankis and Saphira, that were content to fell their whole eftate,& to give halle ofit to the Church,and yet but hypocrices:yea,4 :thin rhinketh,. as we (hewed before,that hypocrites may fuffer mar tyrdom.If is be objec`Zed,that Chrift fa) es,rhele tem- poraries are of nded & go backwhen perf cutio,7 corn- meth becaufe of the word,and therefore that they can- not goe thus far as we fay. I anfwer, that its to bee underfl;ood of one kind of the Temporaries, namely, thole that are noted out by the fio8y ground; and not of the fecond fort ofTemporaries,which are re- prefented to us by the thorny ground; for the very rife our Saviour ufeth in that Parable mull needs im ply, that as the ffony ground went beyond the high - way, fo the thorny goes beyond the holly ; which cannot bee otherwife than in this, that the thorny grounds fruit can well endure the heat.ofthe funne, and is not perifhed that way, as was the font' IJrounds, but onely by her own thornes. Of this fort of Temporaries was Iudas, Alexander, and the reft above named,in whom the good feed was over- thrown , not by the parching Sim of perfecution ;l which in fome meafure they endured, but by the choaking thorns ofcovetoufneffe,ambition, and fuck' like corrupt affe&ione. The Temporarie Believer then may proceed thus farre, to fuller; but yet as Paul telieth the Gaiathians, in vain, becaufe he fuf- fereth not fincerely , and with a good minde : for hee