Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit felnefe of Mani heart. he that fufl'ereth aright,muff fuffer in denial! of him- felfe, and his own carnali affe &ions. according to our Saviours dire6tions, given to all Ctich,whom he calleth to be his Difciples : 1 f any mean, faith he, frill bee my Ui fciple, he mitß deny him felf, and t ake up the croffe. It is not enoughfimply to take up the croffe, but fill hee mutt deny himfelfe, and Co rake up the croffe. But the Temperarie leeks himfelfe in taking up the croffe : They are his own proud , ambiti- ous, vaine- glorious, covetous affeiions, that make him ftoop to take up the croffe. The fruit of the tho,ny ground is able indeed to beare the heat of the Sunne, and is not confirmed therewith, as the fiony grounds : but what's the reafon ? becaule the thornes covering it doe fence off the Sunne. And what' the reafon our thorntyTemporarie is fo ready fometime to runne himfelfe into the briers ofperle- cution, but that the thorne of Come wicked lnft or other is a fpur're in his fide ? Mark the belt of the Tetsapaaries in their Cuffed ngs,and you fhàll fee, that for all the thornes of perfecution, wherewith the adverlaries prick them, they Rill continue prick- ing their own foules with the thornes of cove - toulneffe, pride, and vaine- glory. Thefe thornes prick them forward to the Curffering of the other . thorns; as in Iudaf, bee looked one day for a good day, hee hoped to have no meane place in Chrifls' temporal! kingdome, and withall in prefent he felt'., the Cweet of carrying the bagge. Hee carryed the Groff on his back, that he might carry the bagge in his bands. T he delight and comfort he took in lick- ing his, fingers after the receipt of the alines, made him I21 Matth,id. z4. But yet deceit - full.