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------.y r i a ?í'1e deceitfulneffe of Mans heart. C:or.I; Cor °s.Z4. with Paul and the Pfalmift,T'he love ofChrifl cenflrai- i fal.44.zs Z teeth : For thyfake wee are lulledand fuf/-er all things for him willingly endure the little pains of his back.Tbe bag in the hand was a ftaffe and prop to uphold his. back from finking under the burthen of the Croífe, The fweetnetfe, not of Godr love flaed into his heart, but of mans love flied into his hands, was that which allayed the fowreneffe of the croffe.Sowith others, the coole winde, not of Gods, but ofmens prailes, is that which refrefheth them in the fcorchingofthis Sunne, and maketh them with Tome comfort beare the heat oft he day.Though .t give my body to be burned faith Pawls and have not love,! have nothing: Infinua- ring that men may burn their bodies , as he burnt Diana'sTemple,of felfelove,of love of glory and fame in the word, and not of any true love to God, or his Church. Let us not then pleafe our (elves over-much, if wee have fuffered fomething for the truth, becaufe even in fuffering the heart is deceitfull; but fearch we our own hearts, and fee whether , as the adver /ary perfecutes the new man in us, fo yree thence take occafion to perfecute the old Haan in our (elves : whether we turn the (word , thruft at us to kill the life of Grace, to the opening of our impoftumes : whether, as it were by one nayle driving out another, wee ufe the thornes of perfecution, as meanes and medicines againft the themes of covetoufneffe and worldlineffe. It is an ill figne, when wee can beare the Worldsyal¿e in perfe- cution, and yet at the fame time,not endure Gods yok. in mortification. A gain,examine we the ground and end of our fuffeting, whether we can truly fay