Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceitfislneffe of Mans heart. 123 for the eleiJs faILe: for, as we have file wed, eovetouf neffe, pride, and vaine- glory, fetteth many on this work. And, which is not all out fo bad, haply others may bee forced by the feare of Gods judge- ments threatned againft them that deny the truth : But then, as God faid once to the jewes in the mat- ter of fafli>lg,haveyee fa( ed fomee ? fo here alto may he fay to us in the matter of Miring, f ring have ye fisffe- redfor me ? And when we Thal begin to tell Chrifi of fuch kinde offufferings, and to fay with Peter, tree have left all and followed thee, he may twit us with the fame anfwer wherewithall he then pinched lu- das, whom Peter included in the generality of his fpeech, ¡Yhofoever ff ad forfake houf , landr, &r. For mil ianmes fal`e (hall receive an hundredfold. But ¡u- das,and fo all other Temporary Belsevers,whatfoever they have fuffered for Chriji, it bath not beene for his fare, but for their own; therefore their fitfFe -j rings have been deceitfull : and as they would have deceived Chrifi by them,fo affuredly Chrifi Qhal1 deceive them, in difap- pointing them of their ho- ped-for reward. Mat.i9.17, 2,8. CHAP.