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I i 4 The deceitfrrlwege of Mans heart. EGEMZEUSEMEITMEZEMEGEMEEM CHAP. XJ. of the deceit of the heart injudging our felves bet- ter than we are. ,Nd of the fecond deceit of'heart, in judging of our perlons , fo much , The third fol- loweth.And that,when we judge our (elves to be better than indeed we are ; when our little is thought agree deale, our Mite of grace a Talent,our Mote a Teawe,our Molehil a Mountaine, ourfmoaliing flax the firing & blazing flame of fore mighty bon. tire ; our fmall beginnings, the heigth of perfeaion. Of this deceit the A poftle fpeaketh,when taxing the pride of the Corinthians,wherby they thought thE'- felves wifer than indeed they were,he thus writeth, Let no man deceive himfelf : if any man among you fe :me to be wife let him become a fiole, 6,c. She wing that herein is felfe- deceit, when we are better con- ceied of our felves,then there is caufe. Herein our deceitful harts ae like to thole kind ofglafl'es which T reprefent things many degrees greater than indeed they are.Thus the Corinthian teachers looking upon themfelves in this falle glaffe; magnified themfelves above S.Paul himfelfe: whence was that modelt re- prehenlion of the Apoftle,wee dare not compare our Delves with them; and again,yee are full, ye raign, &c. This was the deceit of him that laid, all thefe have I kept from mlyouth , and (till it is to be found in too t so many : not onely fuch as the old PerfeClifir, and aow the Pap Jis,but even in the heft of us all, who through, 3 Deceit, that our good is better than it is. Cor.3,i8. aCor.to.rl. i Cor. 4.8. Maah.t9, ac.