Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit falnefJe of mans &art. through feife -love, are no Idle affected to our own graces, than parents to their own children, whom they ufe to account the faireftofall others. Hence arife thole high thoughts,and ftrong conceits of our own excellency and fufficiency,even for the weigh rief} matters. lames and Ida no doubt had received Ionic mealure of Grace, and fpirituall ftrength; but yet their own deceitfull hearts made them to over - prize it, and boldly to tell Cbrift asking them , Are yee able,to drinkof my cup,and to be baptized with my baptifne ?Tes,we are able. Alas poor men, that could fcarce endure to fee Chrift himfelf drink that cup, and therefore fled away when the cup was but com_ ming towards them, how fhould you be able then to drink of it your felves? Thus Petershearrdeceived him in like manner, when being but a novice,a fref- water fouldi:r, he thought himfelf able to encoun. ter thole enimies that might juftly have daunted the old trained and beft exerciled and experienced foul - diers. Chrift knowing the meafure of his ftrength better than himleif, told him,Whither Igo,norn thou cant not follow me, hereafter thou (halt : But Peters deceitful I heart, thinking it felftoo much difabled, anfwered, Why cannot t follar thee now ? So, true is that, even in fpirituall riches, which Salomon fpea- keth of the earthly, There are pore which make themfelves rich. Therfore excellently David,not i. norant ofthis deceit, after he had prorefted concer- ning the foundneffe and zeale of his hatred of Gods wicked enimies, Do I not hate them that hate thee? Tea, I hate them with a perfea hatred, addeth (as fomething miftrufting his own heart;) Try mee o God 125 Matth.zo.az, Prov,13.7. Pfa1,F39.z4113.