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132, The deceit fùlnef of mans heart. Luke 5.1. Xj Qv1.cNQi7a.c ár áxzvu. Mark 4.8. c4a.Caiyovld, a v;aeovTa tru "y regenerate : for even the good ground may have thornes : but yet thefe corruptions incroach not upon the fpirit of the foule ; that's r ferved for thegrace and fpirit of Gods there thornes get not the fat of the foyle,the good corn feeds on that,the thorns do not grow up together with, and fo aCcend and climb up above , and over -top trae good fruit; nay, the good man playes thegood hrraband, and is ever and anon cutting up thole thorns, thereafter as he feels them:Therefore is is laid excellently of the good ground, that it bringeth forth fruit encreafng and afcending; which feernes ro be faoken in oppo- fition to the thorny ground, of which it was laid, that the th.arns grew up and aCcended, namely , above We corn. But in the good ground, though there may bee thorns , yet the corn alcends above the thorns: grace is fuperiour to .corruption, and keeps it under. L.et us not then deceive our (elves with theTem- porary, for that wee have fome feelings,fome moti- ons, Pone good affections of joy, fear, lorrow or inch like,if there be but any one thorn,either of co -, vecou(ne tf e, as in War, Demos, Simon Magus; or of vain -glory and ambition, as in lehu, L4grippa; or of any other naughty affeEtion , it is enough to choak ali grace,and ftarve all goodneffe; fo that,as our Sa- viour fpeaketh, we mutt needs become unfruitful/. The devill can bee content to let us pray, preach hear,and doe all there things with fome feeling and affection, and hereupon to judge our (elves to bee crue Chriftians, as long as his intereft in our hearts continues, as long as he may have fure hold of us, by any