Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit f:rluef of Mans heart. treafon fhould be punifhcd , and the fi'j ii plotter and contriver fhould (cape? Now the frft beginning and hatching of any fìnne, is firitin the thoughts of the heart: And if Kings will have -their fervants in their accoantF, anCwer even for pence,why may not God `call us to a reckoning, even for our ímalleft debts ? And if men punish words and deeds, becauCe they fee and know them,wh.y then fhould no G. )d punish our thoughts , which hee knowes farre better than ¡any man therefore can ake confcience of the idle rovings ()four ibraines ; our very thoughts and imaginations muff ftoope, and doe homage to God, who hath'regui- red of us to be loved with all our thoughts, and bid- deth u:, tremble even at the very fiirft riling of eviil thoughts and motions in our hears, and Arne, not. But alas, many doe invert the Centence', and in this kinde very boldly finne and tremble not. 2 That words are but winde : Yea, but they are Inch a winde as fhall blow thee violently into hell; and (ball be th bellowes to kindle, yea, the fuell to feed the flames of that unquenchable fire : Farb] thy words thou fhalt be ju/lified, and by thy words thou 'halt he condemned, & for every idle word mutt thou criVe.account to G.)d at the lait day , unleffe Chrift haue given account for it before. What ado:age is, this, ",to think that our Tongue, our glory, may bee made our fhaine; our , reateft ornament, our fouleft deformity; our beft,and yet one ofour leapt ,members a world of witIvInef ? 3 That the outward works of the .1gw, are fssffici- eut. That in the firft table, is is enough to come to Church 139 Lin 10.17. PCaI4 4. a Wores are winJe. Nat.I2.37,39 3 Outward marks enough.