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140 The deceit fulnefe of mans heart. Matth. 19. O. t Againtf ei. rher -¡'able. The Lift. Matth, tz.38. adO3QnO%4Jd Omnes retgio, net ince- dcre. Church, and to mumble over a few prayers in ore: bed, &c. in the fecond enough to live quietly, and pay every man his own , and not to break out into Ccandals. This deceit potfeffed the Pharifees who in their interpretation of the Law , reftrained the prohibitions of murther and adultery to outward greffe murther and adultery. So their PhylaCieriei were not Co broad, but their expofitions of i he Law were as narrow. In the fame errour was he that hea ring the commandements of the fecond Table re- headed to him by our Saviour, anfwered, All thofe have Ikept from my youth : but wee muff know that the Law in every commandement is Cpirituall , and binder the heart as well as the hand. Againft the firft Table there deceits : r That the works of the firft table are inferiour to the fecond. Hence is that opinion, that it is eafier to love God than our neighbour : Hence allo it is that there is often feverer difcipline againft drun- kenneffe, theft, blafpeming of great mcn , than a- gainft prophanation of the Sabbath, blafphernous oa; hes,and other fuch like; as great breaches of the hrft Table, as the named ftnnes are of the fccond; Whereas yet thefirfi and great Commandment h,' Thou Aalt loz a the Lord thy God. 2. That God may he worfhipped according to our own deviCe , with- out the warrant of his own word. Hence that Athe -' ißicall omni- religion, and that opinion that all religions do well,a man may bee faved in any :hence thole fwarms of will- rnorki,& worships, which natu- rally we preferre before thofe commanded by God. But (hall the King Let down himfelfe the rule of his own ,®nlesmMINgi